Because preventative maintenance isn’t an option on ESPs, it is crucial that operators use analytics software to predict performance issues and prescriptively manage their assets. Lone Star’s Jay Miller wrote an article for Hart Energy E&P.  In this article, “Optimizing Analytics Software to Manage ESP Assets,” he shares why adding analytics capabilities to high-value pumps will enable operators to get the most out of their expensive assets, improve productivity, improve time to failure, increase the time between high-cost workovers and ultimately increase their return.


Here is a snippet of the article:


Optimizing Analytics Software to Manage ESP Assets

Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) have been a popular method to produce oil and gas wells for many years. The ESP’s ability to lift a higher volume of fluid has made it a common, fast-growing lift solution, but it is not without its issues. ESPs are easy to use and can produce higher rates of fluid than other types of artificial lift, especially when the bottom-hole pressure (BHP) is low and the productivity index is high. However, if an ESP is used on any well fracked with sand, or making sand, it can lead to faster
failure due to sand and other materials making their way into the pump.

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