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Our primary platform, TruNavigator® MAX, aims to help organizations quickly make the best possible decisions, ultimately leading to significant improvements in operational and financial results. Our software & platforms are designed for asset management, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and more.


Significant Improvements in Results


Lone Star’s no-code platforms and software focus on predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our primary platform, TruNavigator® MAX, helps organizations quickly make the best possible decisions for even the most complex challenges. TruNavigator® is focused on predictive decision analysis for planning purposes, while AnalyticsOS® is focused on real-time operational predictive and prescriptive analytics for assets at the point of need.


TruNavigator® MAX uses advanced technologies and methods to deliver highly reliable and accurate answers, even in the face of uncertainty. As a result, our solutions have been proven to deliver results in hundreds of real-world applications. Lone Star’s inventors have been awarded more than five dozen patents, with many more pending. Our technology deploys specialized implementations of Bayesian Inferencing, Monte Carlo simulation, advanced signal processing, machine learning, Evolved AI®, match filtering, and physics. Our platforms power our software.

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TruNavigator® MAX unifies numerous robust capabilities in one powerful platform. Now, TruNavigator®, AOS®, TruProcess®, Evolved AI®, and more are all integrated and work together seamlessly. Integrating these technologies adds tremendous functionality and will maximize value for our customers.

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AnalyticsOS® (AOS®) is an underlying technology inside TruNavigator® MAX.  AOS® takes real-time decision-making to a new level. AOS® provides transparent predictive and prescriptive asset analytics at the point closest to where effective decision-making is required.

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Lone Star solutions authored on our TruNavigator® MAX platform come with Evolved AI® (EAI™) injection capabilities. EAI™ is an advanced technology ready to solve the most complex problems faced by organizations today.

TruProcess® is an underlying technology inside TruNavigator® MAX.  TruProcess® allows customers to rapidly deploy a single solution to plan, assess, and re-plan complex and uncertain processes and programs.

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MaxUp® is an award-winning software powered by our TruNavigator® MAX platform. MaxUp® is deployed to maximize readiness and sustainment for complex processes critical to an operation.

Lone Star's TruPredict(TM)

Lone Star’s TruPredict® software helps organizations make winning bid decisions on executable deals without leaving money on the table. The software enables executives with P&L responsibility to increase their win rates, improve their margins, and significantly lower pursuit costs.

Lone Star's TruSolve Software

TruSolve™ is a powerful technology inside Evolved AI®. TruSolve™ is an offering in the pursuit of improved decision-making and efficiency. It may be the most powerful optimization engine on the market.

Lone Star's TruValidate Testing & Evaluation Software

TruValidate™ is a T&E simulation for test and evaluation programs. It can be used to develop a test program plan and/or manage a test program once initiated.

Lone Star's TruCast(TM) SME Polling Software

TruCast® is a group polling software developed by Lone Star® to facilitate subject matter expert group voting. The software is based on Lone Star’s proven decision-analysis processes. TruCast® increases the efficiency and accuracy of group and SME data collection.


Strong Reputation

Lone Star Has Built a Strong Reputation as a Trusted Provider of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and Analysis in Industrial Markets. Because We Continuously Delivering High-Value Solutions, Our Customers See Significant Improvements in Operational and Financial Performance.


97% Customer Satisfaction

Unwavering commitment to delivering value through our solutions and services


70+ Patents Filed or Awarded

Dedication to advancing state-of-the-art in AI, ML, simulation and analytics


18+ Awards Achieved and Recognized

as a leader in our markets

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