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The Five C’s Lone Star

How do you sum up Lone Star®? We like to think what we call the “Five C’s” says it all. You can find Lone Star’s uniqueness in these five basic beliefs and they enable us to deliver the right answers to our clients day in and day out. We find a great level of satisfaction each time we provide a client with the insightful analysis they were hoping to find. The following Five C’s will give you a real sense of what Lone Star® is all about.


We collaborate, period. Why? Because we deal in answers no one individual could deliver, regardless of their brilliance. We help each other, and as a result the product quality we deliver to clients is better than any one of us could do alone. This team dynamic allows us to tackle our clients’ most complex and critical problems. It’s not something we do; it’s in the DNA of who we are. If your vision of a curtain bow includes the entire cast standing side-by-side with arms linked, then Lone Star® may be the very place for you.


We carefully select and hire people who are good – really good. But “really good” to us means more than being intelligent and having a great track record. It means bringing something new to our mix of skills. We believe diversity in experience, education and perspective is valuable. For that to work, we need to collaborate across differences, respecting the perspectives of our colleagues. We call it the ZJF (Zero Jerk Factor™). Our colleagues have very diverse backgrounds, with each of us combining to create a superior force as a whole. This blending is part of what makes Lone Star® unique. If you are comfortable in an environment where not everyone thinks and acts the same as you, then Lone Star® may be the very place for you.


Often our clients come to us to provide insightful analysis after other bright, successful teams have failed. When a hard, but critical task is offered, we thrive on the challenge. Our clients demand high confidence answers, typically with stringent performance requirements, for things no one has ever successfully done before. Every project we commit to is challenging and rewarding. We can’t always talk about them due to sensitivity, but if we could – they’d blow your mind! If you want to make real contributions on projects that are both challenging and meaningful, Lone Star® may be the very place for you.


We truly do make a difference. And that’s not just lip service. One client asked us to help solve difficult safety issues where the “cost” had been loss of life. NASA asked us to help craft a strategy for interplanetary missions. Our Competitive Solutions clients face critical rivalries and opponents. Our Telecom work has involved hundreds of billions of dollars in value. Our Oil and Gas work has accelerated brining in fields in remote, challenging locations. Many of our government clients track the ratio of dollars they spend with Lone Star® compared to tax payer savings (and the ratios are big). We’re not just here to make a living – we’re here to make a difference. If you thrive on being held accountable to make a difference, Lone Star® may be the very place for you.


Yes, it’s unique. Yes, our folks love it. Lone Star’s culture is built on the other four C’s, and it includes a strong work ethic. But we enjoy each other’s company, too. Like renting out theaters for “Marvel Movie Day,” our annual chili cook-offs, tailgate parties, impromptu “team outings,” and opportunities to give back to our community. We believe absolute ethics is essential for our clients who must be able to trust our work. Our culture also includes caring about things that matter: Our clients, their missions, our colleagues and their families, and our communities. These drive the decisions we make, and every work product we deliver. We are so committed to this cultural approach, we’ve designed a unique evaluation system around key behaviors that lead to the success in things we care about. We are dedicated to scaling Lone Star’s culture as we grow, and doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. Our people and approach are why we have award winning solutions and are considered a best place to work!

Who is Lone Star®?

Lone Star Analysis is a highly sought after business and technical analysis and consulting business that addresses our clients’ most complex, mission critical challenges.

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We believe that every new hire is a strategic investment, so it is imperative that we offer competitive pay, generous benefits, flexible schedules and a range of other programs.

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Do you have what it takes to step away from the pack? We carefully select and hire employees that are considered top tier.


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