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TruNavigatorSM is a powerful desktop modeling and simulation environment. Applications created in TruNavSM are ideal for addressing problems with significant complexity and uncertainty. TruNavSM’s simple visual interface makes it easy to design, run, and analyze problems in a fraction of the time of other tools. Its scalability and powerful analytics visualizations help you understand and communicate findings for any issue, no matter the complexity and uncertainty being addressed.

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AnalyticsOSSM is a real time predictive and prescriptive analytics suite of tools. The AOS family of tools enables you to deploy true cause and effect based operational models at the point of need, whether at the network edge or any other location within the enterprise. AOS applications can operate with or without a human supervisor, tirelessly solving IOT and other analytics challenges.

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We demonstrate the unique capability to operate advanced analytics at the network edge.

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Lone Star® provides powerful solutions that improve operations. We serve industrial markets, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, and the public sector. From our exclusive analytics products and technology enabled services; no firm is more qualified to deliver the right answer for your operational needs. Our reputation is built on creating lasting value for our clients. We are committed to generating improved operational and financial performance through accurate and actionable answers to our client’s most critical business challenges.