Lone Star Director Competitive Intelligence Lauie Young presents at Dallas SCIP
August 11, 2016
Press Release: Lone Star Analysis Delivers Deepwater Predictive Risk Model at SPE Intelligent Energy Conference
September 20, 2016

Real Time Decision Making – Incorporating Dynamic Risk Management

ThisDemonstrates real-time risk modeling capability in a synthetic environment. The modeling software, processes and techniques are the result of 12 years of decision analysis work. The elegance of the risk tool is the amalgamation of data which combine to represent risk: historical data, real-time data and subject matter expert data. All resident within the model, updated every 5 seconds.

About Lone Star Analysis

Lone Star Analysis enables customers to make insightful decisions faster than their competitors.  We are a predictive guide bridging the gap between data and action.  Prescient insights support confident decisions for customers in Oil & Gas, Transportation & Logistics, Industrial Products & Services, Aerospace & Defense, and the Public Sector.

Lone Star delivers fast time to value supporting customers planning and on-going management needs.  Utilizing our TruNavigator® software platform, Lone Star brings proven modeling tools and analysis that improve customers top line, by winning more business, and improve the bottom line, by quickly enabling operational efficiency, cost reduction, and performance improvement. Our trusted AnalyticsOSSM software solutions support our customers’ real-time predictive analytics needs when continuous operational performance optimization, cost minimization, safety improvement, and risk reduction are important.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Lone Star is found on the web at http://www.Lone-Star.com