Lone Star Analysis in May 2023 surveyed 4,800 individuals aged 16 and older from the US, UK, and EU. The mission? To examine data privacy and artificial intelligence (AI). The results were eye-opening, especially with one group in particular: the Americans.

While opinions varied among the participants, one resounding sentiment echoed through the survey. Less than 20% believed the US Congress was addressing their pressing concerns with data privacy and AI.

Data Privacy in the Age of AI

This information highlights the dissatisfaction with privacy felt by Americans, questioning the legislative efforts to protect their data and fight the potential risks AI poses. According to the survey, 60% of Americans think they should be paid when companies use their data for AI training. Only 14% disagreed with this idea. Additionally, 80% expressed apprehension about their employers’ data security when using AI tools. The numbers show people value their personal information.

Prioritizing Transparency and Data Privacy Regulations

As the digital landscape changes, we’re demanding more robust and comprehensive regulations. It’s up to policymakers and industry leaders to listen to the concerns of the American public. To shape the future of AI, we need to focus on transparency, responsible data practices, and data privacy legislation.

With data being a valuable commodity, lawmakers and innovators must protect personal data and create a future where privacy and progress coexist.

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