AI Data Analytics based Maintenance Solutions for Military Vehicles

Using hybrid artificial intelligence (AI), combining machine learning and physics-based AI, maintainers can focus on the state of each vehicle. In the July/August 2021 Military Embedded Systems magazine, Lone Star’s John Price writes about how organizations can improve mission readiness, reduce equipment failure, and minimize avoidable costs.



Lone Star – AI Data Analytics based Maintenance Solutions for Military Vehicles
Military Embedded Systems Magazine


Military vehicles are maintained in a variety of circumstances. Whether at a depot or deployed, the goal is operational availability (known as Ao). However, current standards and practices in preventive and corrective maintenance typically occur too early or too late to provide the best Ao within resource constraints. Maintainers have limited insight into each component’s useful life. Because of these timing challenges, current processes can leave shortfalls in Ao and readiness. These shortfalls can be minimized by implementing advanced maintenance analytics.


AI-driven methods can increase component useful life, reduce the probability of failure, and optimize available resources.

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