Lone Star was featured in the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine discussing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Is AI taking over human intelligence? Not so fast, say the experts. AI still needs humans!



Lone Star – The AI Factor


In the August 2021 issue of the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine, Paul Wiseman interviewed Lone Star’s Davey Brooks, vice president of automated intelligent analytics solutions, for his article, “The AI Factor.” He talks about how Lone Star Analysis uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to diagnose issues and create predictive models. Using AI and ML will prevent future problems in ESPs and a wide range of other industrial applications.

Learning from some of the engagements we’ve had outside of the commercial space, we’ve looked at how we could apply those capabilities to making organizations more effective and more profitable.” ~ Davey Brooks


Check out what we’re saying! How artificial intelligence is helping you make smarter decisions faster.
You can read the article here.


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