Lone Star’s CEO Steve Roemerman wrote an article “Historical Trend Data Can’t Help MRO During Unprecedented Times” for Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine.

Here is a snippet of the article:


Historical Trend Data Can’t Help MRO

Using accurately informed analytics, operators can better manage maintenance and upgrade planning, optimize fleet use, improve schedules, prioritize supply chain, enhance flows, and shorten MRO cycle times. Predictive analytics – especially condition-based MRO – offer great promise for these difficult times.

Although the entire MRO industry has experienced a downturn due to current global events, the lull isn’t going to last forever. Once aircraft usage rises, organizations will need to be prepared for any necessary MRO actions because of the extended period of inactivity and daily wear. By using predictive analytics, fleet operators can ensure they avoid unnecessary, unplanned, or unscheduled downtime. Digital twins and advanced analytics reduce operating costs, a welcome result, now more than ever.

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The original article is posted on Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.



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