Workshops Focus on Pragmatic Solutions


DALLAS (PRWEB) February 11, 2018

Lone Star Analysis expanded the range of workshops for IoT value creation in January.

“Our customers are asking for a wider range of experiences as they explore Internet of Things value creation,” said Matthew Bowers, Lone Star’s Chief Development Officer. “Customers are telling us horror stories about Industrial IoT trials and studies done with other firms. Because Industrial IoT involves working across corporate silos and across the value chain, our customers value a structured approach for finding value creation and setting goals.”

One innovative approach to IIoT is to involve several corporate functions, customers, and suppliers in a single workshop. The inclusive approach helps to rapidly discover win-win opportunities.

“We originally offered one version of the workshop,” said John Volpi, Lone Star’s Chief Technology Officer. “Now we have three versions, and I expect we’ll add more. There is a real demand for an approach based on business and technology discipline, rather than magical thinking. Executives understand they must adopt this powerful new IoT technology, but many have been burned by expensive, ill-conceived hype.”

Lone Star’s workshops feature hands on exploration of important IoT principles. For IIoT there are important distinctions which separate industrial applications from consumer approaches. “Recycled consumer ideas from the internet of people, or consumer IoT, is one of the seven deadly sins for IIoT,” Bowers said.

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