Lone Star Analysis CEO to Speak on Modeling Best Practice at the Petroleum Network Education Conference (PNEC)

Steve Roemerman will be speaking on the Modeling Best Practices Benchmarking Project (MBP2) at the 20th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management at the Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston, Texas, May 17-19, 2016.

MBP2 is surveying a broad range of modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) practices, in order to share insights among professionals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn lessons from outside their own communities. Several leading groups have either already participated, or have agreed to participate. These include academic, corporate, and government organizations. Some early participants have come from the energy sector.

The Petroleum Network Education Conferences (PNEC) look at best practices and real world cases and solutions involving petroleum data and information management across the E&P enterprise. Delegates benefit from this unique global view of the state of data applications plus future technology directions.

MBP2 status and early insights will be shared at PNEC. This is expected to be the first release of MBP2 findings.

Mr. Roemerman said, “I am honored to be chosen to speak on this important initiative. Since Lone Star’s MS&A offerings cut across a wide range of disciplines, it made sense for us to lead the MBP2 project. We are seeing some surprising results. It is clear best practices are not shared widely across the modeling and simulation community. To date we’ve seen some organizations who are probably performing at “best in class” in some areas, but don’t know they are at that level. Another surprise have been how eager impressive organizations are to be part of MBP2.”

Mr. Roemerman is the chairman of the MBP2 project, and also serves as the best practice lead in other professional and academic initiatives.

About the 2016 PNEC Conference

The 2016 PNEC Conference is a power-packed two and 1/2 days of programming featuring in-depth technical presentations and full e-Proceedings on topics important to all involved in E&P data and information management. Speakers from around the globe will share real-world issues, best practices, developments, and cross discipline advances that address ever expanding and complex data demands in today’s oil and gas industry. The conference is acclaimed for facilitating professional discussions targeting today’s complex data systems integration and management with balance. To learn more visit PNEC Conferences.

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