Lone Star Presentation at Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) International Conference & Exhibition a Hit

Ricardo Lopez, Competitive Differentiation Leader, for Lone Star received notice that his presentation at the 30th SCIP International Conference & Exhibition received high marks from the audience and conference management.

Mr. Lopez’ presentation touched on how competitive intelligence can be gained from the financials of any company. He noted that analysis of financials can help determine what is happening and more importantly, what may happen in the future based on current performance. As an example, Mr. Lopez used a past analysis of a major technology company to illustrate how to integrate qualitative competitive intelligence findings with the quantitative results of financial analysis to predict future results or strategies.

Lakshika Trikha, Event Program Manager, said, “Your contribution was significant, and we deeply appreciate the time and effort you invested in ensuring this year’s event was indeed exceptional. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence were evident from the evaluation results we received on your session.

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