The Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued a report to Congress, “GAO Bid Protests: Trends and Analysis” which draws on work by Lone Star CEO Steve Roemerman, among others. “CRS is an important institution on our Legislative Branch,” Roemerman said. “This report is timely because of the increasing trend of protests in federal acquisition. The data and trends are worth understanding because they represent hundreds of billions of tax dollars being spent.” The report is available at the CRS website,

Matthew Bowers, Lone Star’s Executive Vice President said, “Steve is recognized as a national authority on federal acquisition policy and protests. He’s led much of Lone Star’s work in the quantitative analysis of protests, and published on this topic. Steve has also supported the work of others in academia and in government, so it’s not a surprise CRS would find this work useful among the sources they used. Lone Star is one of the few organizations with practical experience, but without a pro or anti-protest bias.”

Lone Star’s work on protests includes extensive quantitative research into the causes of protests, and Bayesian Game Theory modeling of protests as an economic decision. Lone Star’s analysis of protests includes federal and state procurement rules, and applies to any government procurement based on the Common Law or on Bijuridical/mixed Law. An article published in Defense AT&L, is an example of this work, “Why DoD Contractors File Protests, Why Some Don’t, and What the Government Can Do”  PDFlogo.gif

Click here for a copy of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report to Congress “GAO Bid Protests: Trends and Analysis”  PDFlogo.gif