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System Architecture & Engineering

Complex programs present clients with complex challenges.  Systems Architecture and Engineering (SA&E) is in the center of this complexity.   Effective SA&E needs to translate business requirements into a development environment and trade-off many technical and non-technical factors to obtain the best outcome, given the circumstances.  Successful delivery of SA&E support requires both education and significant experience.

Lone Star’s SA&E capabilities enable clients to deliver complex systems that meet or exceed requirements on schedule and on budget. Our systems engineers have proven themselves on some of the most complex hardware, software, and systems development programs of the last 30 years.  We couple this experience with engineering processes and tools, unavailable to other firms, which provide significant development insight and risk reduction.  Combined, our people, processes, and tools help clients succeed in areas such as product development, product reengineering and modification, systems integration, and rapid prototyping.


Focused Industries

Profitability, productivity and even human lives ride on the choices you make. Until recently, organizations have relied on the experience, judgment and intuition of their people to make these choices, but now predictive and prescriptive analytics from Lone Star Analysis can help you make critical decisions with greater certainty than ever before – and do it faster and smarter than you ever imagined.