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Computer processing and networks are transforming the way people do their jobs.  Whether you are on a factory floor, in a data center, wildcatting, or operating a fifth generation aircraft your environment is becoming more complex and interconnected.  While technological advancements are dramatically improving operational performance and efficiency, it is also becoming more difficult and expensive to train in a “real world” environment.

Doing more with less is becoming the norm, and Lone Star® is a driving force in optimizing training systems and services to ensure quality outcomes at the lowest cost and risk.  Lone Star® is sought after for its modeling and simulation capabilities which enables clients to effectively represent and alter their business and operational environments to meet increasing demands while maintaining training quality and reducing risk and cost.  Lone Star® excels at evaluating the entire training continuum including Computer Based Training (CBT), Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC), Simulation, and Live environments to help our clients optimize their programs.

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