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Training Enterprise Models

MaxUp® TEM

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Maximizing Fleet Readiness Through Training Optimization Solutions

The Problem:

Training enterprises often utilize high-value assets to train people across diverse mission sets at multiple locations with various stakeholders. Properly aligning the enterprise’s people, infrastructure, and assets into the future is vital to meeting the mission on time and at the right cost. The inability to perform accurately, high-quality, simulation-based, multi-variant, probabilistic decision analysis to support the effective management of aviation assets in an ad hoc, near real-time environment endangers sound fiscal stewardship and mission accomplishment.

The Solution:

Lone Star has been providing Training Enterprise Model solutions to tackle difficult problems for training enterprises such as Air Education and Training Command since 2012. MaxUp® TEM, a MaxUp® Readiness Solution, is tailored to each enterprise and provides holistic looks at tasking, various enterprise constructs, and resource allocations. TEM accounts for the variables and processes that matter most, such as:

    • Mission requirements
    • Manning
    • Aircraft and device availability
    • Locations
    • Time on the range
    • Fuel efficiency

Insightful “What-if” analyses are standardized with risk and opportunity assessment and transparency from input to output.

Tailored to Environment

  • Apply Lone Star’s exceptional knowledge base and experience in training solutions to model the client’s unique environment
  • Incorporate existing vernacular across functional groups into one analysis platform
  • Establish the current programmatic baseline for planning

Customized Solution

  • Deliver a solution set to the client that provides the capability to perform real-time “What-If” simulations
  • Integrate multiple client-defined metrics such as:
    • Throughput achieved
    • Hours required
    • Manning required
    • Aircraft/device utilization
    • Fuel consumption

Enduring Tangible Benefit

  • Ensure today’s decisions synchronize today and tomorrow’s use of various resources
  • Know the probability of enterprise capacity and increase the likelihood of successful student production
  • Understand the cost-benefit of each syllabus and training construct modification