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Lifecycle Enhanced Asset Decision Software


Delivering Readiness Through Holistic Resource Analysis

The Problem:

Concurrent with maximizing readiness in today’s high-operational tempo environment, Military Aviation must control rising operating and sustainment costs of aging aircraft and legacy equipment. Unplanned delays in replacement aircraft and higher than projected utilization rates have forced life extensions/equipment upgrades for most military legacy aircraft. Determining how to recapitalize the fleet while keeping aging aircraft flying requires detailed insight and sound risk-based assessment to meet mission requirements. The inability to perform accurate, simulation-based, multi-variant, probabilistic decision analysis to support effective management of assets in an ad hoc, near real-time environment endangers sound fiscal stewardship and mission accomplishment.

The Solution:

Lone Star’s award-winning solution MaxUp LEADS™, a MaxUp® Readiness Solution provides holistic fleet inventory management solutions that analyze scheduled maintenance, capability upgrades, and operational utilization planning through the lifecycle of each asset and enable decision-making that maximizes the return on investment and readiness of each asset. MaxUp LEADS enables cause and effect analytics providing accurate forecasting based on client-defined what-if scenarios. The user interfaces and data consolidation functions make what-if analysis approachable, producing a comprehensive real-time view of risk and opportunity.

Tailored to Environment

  • Apply Lone Star’s exceptional knowledge base and experience in Defense Aerospace to model the client’s unique environment
  • Utilize client-provided historical aircraft data to produce a holistic aircraft inventory baseline
  • Establish the current quantity of aircraft by production lot/block, squadron assignment, flight hours available, and capability/configuration

Client Defined Parameters

  • Customized software allows the client to perform real-time “What-If” simulations
  • Integrated capability to vary multiple client-defined metrics such as kit availability, upgrades planned, engineering disposition, Service Life Extensions planned, flight hours required

Enduring Tangible Benefit

  • Ensure that today’s decisions ENABLE tomorrow’s readiness and do not degrade it
  • Know the probability of aircraft availability and increase the likelihood of successful deployments
  • Understand the cost-benefit of each aircraft upgrade/modification
    and maximize the utility gained

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