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Competitive Intelligence for the Win

Competitive Intelligence is Critical, NOT Complimentary

In this free eBook “Competitive intelligence for the Win,” we explain why CI is critical for ensuring a company’s success. It’s not just a nice-to-have or complementary aspect of business strategy.

Instead, Competitive Intelligence should form the basis of the strategy. Equipped with accurate insights, companies can differentiate from their competitors, and better align with the buyer’s needs and expectations.

Competitive Intelligence for the Win eBook

Add competitive intelligence to your bidding strategy, and watch how this competitive advantage will increase revenue, market share, and brand equity. 

In this eBook we’ll show how to use Competitive Intelligence to: 

  • Build a bidding strategy to differentiate from competitors 
  • Improve your price to win analysis 
  • Excavate competitor data 
  • Learn the proven CI market and research tactics
  • Discover the pitfalls of collecting competitive intelligence 

Download this eBook to learn how capture managers, bid strategists, and analysts are using competitive intelligence to win business opportunities in a competitive market. Please fill out the form to access the eBook:

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TruPredict® Price to Win Software

TruPredict® is a real-time analytics tool that allows users to understand overall competitive positioning, risk tolerance, and optimal bid strategy through a series of alternative “what if” scenarios, and incorporates:

• Price to Win
• Market pricing
• Strategic pricing
• Competition setup
• Competitor evaluation

TruPredict® transforms the way you price to win. Understand what price it takes to win your next contract. It’s the most advanced competitive pricing software available.