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TruNav® Model Builder - Predictive Analytics Model Development

TruNavigator® Model Builder is a 5th generation predictive analytics model development environment. It enables virtually anyone to create valuable models to guide critical decisions across every aspect of an enterprise.

TruNavigator® Model Builder’s graphic drag-and-drop interface virtually eliminates the need to understand programming and minimizes the need for advanced mathematics. Models can quickly be developed, tested, and used to deliver significant customer value.

``No-Code`` Model Development

  • TruNavigator® Model Builder Enables high confidence answers to clients most difficult questions
  • Frequently enables clients to save significant money, time or both through optimization of outcomes
  • Equips executives and managers to effectively manage uncertainty and risk
  • Allows an organization to assess the impact of decisions before resources are committed
  • A highly cost effective approach that requires less data to generate “decision quality” outcomes
  • Evaluates decisions/programs/systems in the context of complexity and interrelationships
  • TruNavigator® Model Builder Utilizes a GUI interface that enables easy development of models and fast additions at any time
  • Multiple graphical output formats provide an easy way to see the effects of potential decisions and each output allows for a sensitivity analysis of any element of the strategies being considered
  • The entire model is built using the language of the customer’s organization, not predefined terms
  • New “What-if” scenarios can be quickly built “on-the-fly” with results seen in minutes
  • Seamlessly integrated with both TruNav® Analysis Manager and TruSolve™

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