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A Reference Model Customized to Your Need

Lone Star has developed a reference model for a number of specific industrial applications. These preconfigured TruNavigator® predictive analytics models have been applied in numerous “real-world” applications and have delivered significant ROI for our clients. We are now making these reference models available to other clients to support the predictive analysis of functions critical to industrial operations. We will work with your organization to customize each model to greatly reduce the amount of uncertainty around critical business decisions, and to substantially improve your operational and financial performance. We currently offer these proven and mature reference model applications:

Manufacturing / Production
Lone Star’s proven model creates a simulation of the critical influences impacting results in manufacturing and production environments. This includes all critical internal and external factors. Example elements include inbound raw materials quantities and pricing, critical processing equipment, production processes, personnel, facilities, outbound supply chain, and market pricing of finished goods. Whether you have a discrete or continuous process environment, this model can help you optimize throughput, production costs, quality, profitability, and risk.

Supply Chain / Logistics
Lone Star’s demonstrated supply chain model creates a holistic end-to-end simulation of this critical function. It enables you to quickly understand and target improvements in your supply chain operation. The rapid “what if” capability enables you to test adjustments and modifications prior to implementation in order to hone in on the best options for improvement. The output will help minimize supply chain costs, reduce risk, and improve reaching organizational goals.

Maintenance Operations
Many customers utilize Lone Star’s tested maintenance operations optimization model to deliver substantial improvements in efficiency, cost, and quality. Our models incorporate all critical influences that impact maintenance delivery and deliver unparalleled insight into how, where, and why an organization might improve.

Training Enterprise
Lone Star’s training proficiency and operations models has been proven with some of the largest and most asset intensive organizations in the world. It incorporates internal and external elements that influence how an organization operates and enables customers to quickly understand their operations and how to improve. Elements such as syllabi, media, time, facilities, personnel, and other resources are all represented.

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