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5 Reasons Industry Should Not Wait for 5G

Don’t Wait for 5G!

In the last year, many wireless network operators claimed they had rolled out 5G. For industrial operators in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and energy, 5G is supposed to revolutionize their operations. And, this is certainly true!

5G will absolutely enable advances that drive safety, productivity, maintenance, and asset visibility. But if you are waiting for 5G or counting on its “future magic” in your planning, you might rethink that approach.

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In this eBook, we’ll give you 5 Reasons Industry Should Not Wait for 5G. You’ll discover why: 

  • You have enough data right now
  • You need to know what data is worth moving
  • Data transport and data latency will drive cost and performance
  • Data acquisition, transport, and storage will dominate solution costs
  • Depending on where you operate, it could be years before you have 5G coverage

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