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AOS® Edge is a Powerful, Adaptive, and Scalable Software for Edge Analytics

Part of the AnalyticsOS® suite, AOS® Edge not only allows your organization to access difficult to obtain data from assets at the edge, but it also allows you to understand the data coming from those assets through edge analytics:

AOS Edge Analytics Compat

  • Easily and Quickly Accepts Models Created in AOS® Architect
  • Enables the Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to be Processed Natively at the Edge, No Data Center / Cloud Required
  • Architected specifically for Small Footprint, Processor Limited Environments Such as the Dell 5100/5500, HPE GL10/20, and Intel DK300
  • Accepts Many Inputs Including Sensor Data, Manual Inputs (e.g. inspection findings), and Network-Based Inputs
  • Easy Integration with AOS® Suite, 3rd Party BI and Databases, Control Systems, and Operations Management Applications

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