Proven Performance in Manufacturing

Our faster, better answers give your business the edge when your decisions really count.

Field Services

Industrial and commercial product maintenance, repair, operations and management

Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing, control systems and electronics

Supply Chain/Logistics

Managing suppliers, inventory, outbound and return product flows

To stay competitive in today’s globalized market, manufacturers must constantly innovate and drive information feedback loops into their operations faster. At Lone Star Analysis, our planning and real-time operational analytics help industrial operations take advantage of the right data to become more agile at both strategic and tactical levels. Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, we can help you manage your operations with far more certainty and simplicity than ever before. We can quickly and accurately simulate any process, function or environment. And we do it all with ROI ranging from 20:1 to over 100:1.

Having access to the right data at a speed that empowers your most critical business decisions really is like having a window into the future, an edge that you can use to dominate your competition.

Performance Optimization

  • Deep, predictive insights to improve operations
  • Accurately simulate any process, function or environment
  • Solutions delivered at a scale and speed not possible elsewhere
  • Applications in supply chain, risk management, asset utilization, staffing, training and asset/portfolio optimization

Real-time Performance Analytics

  • Predictive and prescriptive, real-time analytics deployed at the point of need
  • Prescriptive maintenance solutions – artificial airlift systems, compressor and pumping systems, generator systems, top drives, structural assessment, fleet management, just-in-time parts management and more
  • Precise results at the edge or in your data center
  • Easy-to-use software with transparent, auditable models