Lone Star Analysis Has Built a Strong Reputation as a Trusted Provider of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and Analysis in Industrial Markets. We Have Done This By Continuously Delivering High Value Solutions That Lead to Significant Improvements in Operational and Financial Performance for Our Customers.

This reputation is based on the successful application of our cutting edge software tools, TruNavigatorSM and AnalyticsOSSM, to our customers most important challenges.  Our software tools, processes, and people are relentlessly focused on delivering better understanding and decisions for our customers that lead to improved operational efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously reducing cost and risk.

Capability Forged Through Leadership

Lone Star ® provides powerful solutions that improve operations. We serve industrial markets, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, and the public sector. From our exclusive analytics products and technology enabled services; no firm is more qualified to deliver the right answer for your operational needs. Our reputation is built on creating lasting value for our clients. We are committed to generating improved operational and financial performance through accurate and actionable answers to our client’s most critical business challenges.

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Some of Our Clients

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Committed to Innovation

Lone Star® invests substantially in both internal innovation and cutting edge third party capabilities. Our focus is to use the best process, tool, or system available that helps us address our client’s issue. Our proprietary software tools, including TruNavigator®SM and AnalyticsOSSM, were created because our clients needed to solve multivariate challenges that no other tools were capable of addressing in either complexity or scale. This investment has ultimately led to Lone Star® pioneering a path to 5th generation decision analysis and prescriptive analytics capabilities that provide a true understanding of the range of potential outcomes for any decision or operational issue, regardless of size and complexity.

Solutions for the Toughest Problems

Lone Star® has gained recognition, and is sought out by customers, because we consistently help solve complex business and technical challenges. The best answer is only half the battle; it must also be implementable and understandable. To that end, we work closely with our customers to deliver both the best answer and one that can be implemented, embraced and effectively utilized.  Our TruNavigatorSM and AnalyticsOSSM modeling environments are transparent to the customer. This data visualization enables easy traceability of interrelated influences, the underlying mathematics, and the data inputs driving the outcomes. The outcomes can be visualized in several different formats that help provide clients intuitive understanding and insight. We believe understanding, from visualization, is critical to delivering the right answers with confidence.

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Lone Star Solutions

We know how to deliver the right answer to the toughest and most challenging issues.

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