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Steve Roemerman is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Lone Star Analysis and has served in this role since 2004. Previous CEO roles have included Incucomm® Inc., a business incubator which launched several companies, and Crosspan Technologies, a subsidiary of Raytheon. He has served as an officer or director in more than a dozen other corporations in technology, aerospace, finance, non-profits, and transportation.

Mr. Roemerman began his professional career at Texas Instruments as a technology systems analyst.  He became a system engineer for large technology programs before serving as a program manager, and business sector leader.  His project experience included the first 16-Bit microprocessor, the first use of GPS for seismic exploration, advanced communications satellites, advanced mobile telephony infrastructure, HARM, the F-117, and JSOW among others.  He led Telecom, Satellite Navigation, and Interdiction Weapons business organizations, which included the Paveway Laser Guided Bomb product lines, Tomahawk guidance, and several other programs.

He was named a Vice President, and was promoted to VP of Strategy, responsible for worldwide business alliances, site selection, strategic finance, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.  He joined Raytheon upon the acquisition of TI’s systems business. At TI and Raytheon, he reported to the chairmen of the respective corporations.

In May of 2024, Mr. Roemerman was named the Artificial Intelligence “Aerospace Authority” in the inaugural AI 75 list. This prestigious award celebrates innovative AI leaders in North Texas. He led an international benchmarking effort to establish best practices in AI, modeling, and analysis, orchestrating contributions from six societies with more than 200,000 members. He was named Senior Member of the IEEE for pioneering work in fly by wire. He holds numerous patents, awarded and pending. He has served on several boards, panels, and studies, including:

  • Texas Telecommunications Council
  • Requirements Study Board for 5th Gen Aircraft
  • Supported studies for the Navy Studies Board
  • Supported the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
  • Supported Defense Science Board
  • NSA studies

He was born and raised in Iowa.  He attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  He attended graduate school at Southern Methodist University. He and his wife, Colleen have two children and five grandchildren and enjoy spending time at their ranch overlooking the Red River valley.