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John Volpi is the CTO Emeritus of Lone Star Analysis after retiring in 2019, having served as CTO since 2004. He also was CTO of Incucomm®, Inc., a business incubator that led to the successful launch of several companies, including evaluating over 300 new technology startups and extensive involvement in 7 of them. In his former role, he was responsible for leading all technical activities, both internal and external, as well as being responsible for intellectual property evaluation and process development.

His prior experience includes wireless technology ranging from systems operating at only a few kHz through the infrared spectrum and pre-dates the first US cellular systems, including radio-telephones, ship-to-shore communications, RFID, Wi-Fi, FSO, RADAR, GPS, and LORAN. His body of work includes user equipment, network equipment, fixed and mobile technologies, and covers both hardware and software.

He began his professional career at Texas Instruments, where he started as a theoretical systems analyst studying advanced RADAR effects.  He evolved into Systems Engineering and, over the years, has divided his time equally between defense and commercial programs.

He was named a Senior Member of the Technical Staff of Texas Instruments and, upon selling TI’s defense systems business to Raytheon, became a general manager for Active Cellular Antennas at Crosspan Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon.

He was born and raised in Chicago, Ill. He attended the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree, and Michigan State University, where he received a Master of Science degree in Physics. In addition, he attended graduate classes at Southern Methodist University and the University of Southern California. He and his wife Joan have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

He has over 45 patents awarded or pending.  He has been a member of the IEEE for over 30 years and was named a Senior Member for his work in wireless technologies and his efforts in the development of Intellectual Property.  In 2012, John was awarded the Tech Titans Award for Corporate CTO by the DFW Metroplex Technology Business Counsel out of a pool of 4,000 firms.

John Volpi