AnalyticsOSSM Suite

The AnalyticsOSSM suite of Patent Pending software products is a disruptive advanced analytics platform that takes real-time decision-making to a new level. By providing transparent predictive and prescriptive analytics at the point closest to where effective decision-making is required, operational outcomes are improved, unwanted latency is eliminated, and data costs are minimized. The AOSSM family of solutions provides true “cause and effect” analytics at the “Edge” of the network or in centralized locations based on the business outcomes the customer is looking to achieve. The powerful but simple modeling application requires no programming skills or advanced math degrees to be effective. AOSSM democratizes advanced analytics capabilities, driving smarter decisions and improved business results.

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AOS ArchitectTM

Next Generation Prescriptive Analytics Modeling



Gateway and Embedded Run-time Environment for the Network Edge

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AOS EnterpriseTM

Server Based Run-time Environment for Scalability

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AOS Reference Models

Models Proven to Deliver Operational Value

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