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AOS® Reference Models – Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Software

AOS® Reference Models is prescriptive maintenance software to manage deployed equipment and processes in order to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, maximize asset uptime and minimize cost and risk.

Asset and process optimization is accomplished by delivering real-time predictive and prescriptive asset analytics in the cloud or at the edge. Lone Star’s AnalyticsOS® platform comes pre-configured with MaxUp®, asset analytics software for many common industrial assets (pumps, compressors, electrical motors, and more). Our ease of integration with existing ecosystems allows companies to leverage existing investments in digital transformation.


Electric Motors, Hydraulic Motors, Piston Engines, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines, VFD / VSD / PWM, Generators


Sleeve/Box (Keyed), Clamp/Split, Tapered Shaft Lock, Hirth, Spline, Flexible, Beam, Diaphragm, Disc, Fluid, U-Joint, Magnetic, Gear


End Suction (1-n stages), Split Case, Inline, Turbine (1-n stages), Submersible Turbine (1-n stages), Rotary Gear, Rotary Lobe, Rotary Screw, Rotary Helico-Axial, Rotary Peristaltic, Reciprocating Piston, Reciprocating Diaphragm


Hydraulics, Valves, and other critical industrial equipment

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