January 5, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Experiments – Episode #2; AI Salvation from Fake News

Singularity Won’t Occur in 2017 – Those stories are Fake News
December 21, 2016
You know this is a zebra, right?

Artificial Intelligence Experiments – Episode #1; Errors and AI Prejudice

You know this is a zebra... right?
April 11, 2016
Am I Irrational yale collection photo

Am I Irrational?

Professional analysis types are used to seeing two kinds of irrationality. Irrational PEOPLE don’t incorporate real facts into their decisions and beliefs Irrational NUMBERS aren’t ratios of integers.
January 14, 2016
uncertain city limit powerball lone star analysis on oil prices

Oil Prices, Powerball, Adventures in Prospect Theory

What do oil prices have to do with Powerball? Quite a bit, actually.