April 26, 2017
Cutting through complexity

Betting the Company (every day): Driving the Bottom Line

Performance Optimization: Cut through complexity. We represent uncertainty rather than ignore it. Our models are “glass boxes.”
April 21, 2017
poker hand at betting table

Betting the Company (every day): Driving the Top Line

Lone Star's customers richly understand when it’s time to stick with a strategy, when it’s time to change, and how to avoid the winner’s curse.
March 15, 2017
Big Data Rights

Do You Know Your (Big Data) Bill of Rights?

Big Data backlash is emerging. This mood could threaten to drag some forms of AI and ML with it.
February 2, 2017
two business men hands business woman pulling important documents fighting over data or information lone star blog post who owns your data?

Who Owns Your Data?

Data is the fuel driving Big Data, IoT and analytics. Some say, “Data is the new oil” meaning it is the universal fuel driving the economy. “Data is the new bacon” is the same idea, though more tasty. But if data is so critical, who owns it?