Proven Performance in Transportation & Logistics


Our faster, better answers give those in logistics the edge when their decisions really count.


International, national, regional, cargo


Over-the-road and short haul


Freight and passenger


Carriers, seaports, and terminals


Transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, and material handling

At Lone Star Analysis, we’ve helped businesses in transportation and logistics save millions in asset management, utilization, maintenance and support to maximize their ROI. In fact, in logistics applications, our clients’ ROI has always been at least 20:1 and as much as 100:1 when they’ve applied our intelligence. Even better, we can deploy our solutions more quickly than our competitors. With no “training data” required, Lone Star can implement your solutions in weeks, not months, creating value fast.

At Lone Star, we believe it’s never enough to just predict an issue will occur. You need to know what will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen and what you should do about it, based on your specific business needs. Providing these insights – and doing it with extreme accuracy – is what we do every day.

Performance Optimization

  • Deep, predictive insights to improve operations
  • Accurately simulate any process, function or environment
  • Solutions delivered at a scale and speed not possible elsewhere
  • Applications in supply chain, risk management, asset utilization, staffing, training and asset/portfolio optimization

Real-time Performance Analytics

  • Predictive and prescriptive, real-time analytics deployed at the point of need
  • Prescriptive maintenance solutions – artificial airlift systems, compressor and pumping systems, generator systems, top drives, structural assessment, fleet management, just-in-time parts management and more
  • Precise results at the edge or in your data center
  • Easy-to-use software with transparent, auditable models