Proven Performance in Oil & Gas


Our faster, better answers give energy companies the edge when their decisions really count.


Drilling operations (onshore / offshore), production operations (onshore / offshore), oil field services, asset optimization, HSE management, risk management


Storage and transportation


Refining and processing

Remote and Offshore Supply and Logistics

Managing costly, long supply lines, provisioning, transport hedging, personnel staging

At Lone Star Analysis, we’ve helped businesses in every segment of the oil and gas industry improve asset downtime and operational efficiency to maximize their ROI. In fact, in every engagement, our client’s ROI has ranged from 20:1 to over 100:1 when they’ve applied our intelligence. Even better, we can deploy our solutions more quickly than our competitors. With no “training data” required, Lone Star can implement your solutions in weeks, not months, creating more value fast.

In the energy sector, ensuring optimal performance can have enormous financial and safety implications. That’s why we believe it’s never enough to just predict an issue will occur. You need to know what will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen and what you should do about it, based on your specific business needs. Providing these insights – and doing it with extreme accuracy – is what we do for oil and gas clients every day.

It provides oil and gas customers great confidence that Lone Star has worked on hundreds of projects since 2005 with a customer satisfaction rating higher than 97% while generating a business value measured in the billions of dollars.

Performance Optimization

  • Deep, predictive insights to improve operations
  • Accurately simulate any process, function or environment
  • Solutions delivered at a scale and speed not possible elsewhere
  • Applications in supply chain, risk management, asset utilization, staffing, training and asset/portfolio optimization

Complex Systems

Integration Management

Optimizing Transportation

& Logistics

Real-time Performance Analytics

  • Predictive and prescriptive, real-time analytics deployed at the point of need
  • Prescriptive maintenance solutions – artificial airlift systems, compressor and pumping systems, generator systems, top drives, structural assessment, fleet management, just-in-time parts management and more
  • Precise results at the edge or in your data center
  • Easy-to-use software with transparent, auditable models

Sucker Rod Lift

Electric Submersible


Plunger Lift

Horizontal Pumping


Gas Lift



Progressive Cavity

Pump System

Diesel Generator

Sucker Rod Lift Pumps

Electric Submersible Pump

Plunger Lift Systems

Horizontal Pumping Systems