Real-Time Prescriptive Analytics

Real-time Prescriptive Analytics is about optimizing real-time operational assets, processes, and operations at the point of need.  Lone Star delivers solutions that improve asset utilization and operational life, minimize maintenance time and cost, increase manufacturing and production throughput, maximize supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, and mitigate operational risk. Our capability to deploy our solutions at the network edge or in the data center is unparalleled in the industry and ensures customers get the business results they need where they need them.


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Real-time Prescriptive Analytics can be defined by these five areas:

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Manufacturing & Production

Delivering improved up-time and throughput at lower cost.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Tightening supply chains, minimizing inventories, and ensuring the right parts are available.

Maintenance & Repair

Enabling just-in-time condition based maintenance and maximizing system uptime.

Asset Utilization

Driving maximum asset efficiency while enabling longer asset useful life.

Operational Risk

Improving safety and mitigating risk by enabling more informed understanding of decisions and real-time sensor data.

AnalyticsOSSM Suite

The AnalyticsOSSM suite of software products is a disruptive advanced analytics platform that takes real-time decision-making to a new level.