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March 23, 2015
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March 26, 2015

Lone Star, internationally recognized in business and technology decision support, modeling, and simulation, and a provider of advisory services addressing highly complex client issues announces it has once again updated its successful TruNavigator℠ Decision Analysis tool, adding even more customer benefits to this highly flexible leading edge tool.

John Volpi, CTO of Lone Star, said, “Demonstrating Lone Star’s continuing commitment to our advanced tools, we made over 70 enhancements to the TruNav/TAM ensemble.”  Enhancements include:

  • Addition of functional objects including the Input Iterator node to improve modeling efficiency
  • Improved User Interface including:  Object Filtering, Bulk Object Editing, Object Tagging for ease of navigability
  • A greater than four times improvement in computational speed for large models such that models greater than one Million objects requiring approximately 28 minutes in the old version now require approximately six minutes.
  • A Scenario Analyzer allowing simple ways to create multiple scenario excursions for comparison.
  • The ability to Import/Export data to/from external sources using standard interfaces
  • Enhanced Configuration Management capability to aid in iterative model development.

TruNav℠ is not burdened by typical spreadsheet inflexibilities.  It provides a visual layout of the model.  It generates simulations that are easy to edit and easy to audit. The hallmark of TruNav is speed; “What-If” scenarios can be run in just seconds.  When critical decisions must be made, seconds count.

“TruNav is a 5th generation Decision Analysis modeling environment that generates simulations providing a true understanding of the range of potential outcomes for any decision, regardless of size or complexity. It tests customers’ decisions and identifies probable future outcomes based on related influences,” said Matthew Bowers, VP of Corporate Development for Lone Star.

Volpi went on to say that the TruNav Analysis Manager allows the user to:

–                 Integrate multiple TruNav models onto a single dashboard

–                 Create multiple “What If” scenario input sets against a set of models

–                 Edit and manage the input data across multiple models in a consolidated manner

–                 View scenario change summaries to highlight the differences among scenarios

–                 Batch evaluation of multiple TruNav models via a single dashboard

–                 Consolidate reporting across the set of included TruNav models

One client noted that Lone Star is the only known company to provide a tool like TruNavigator, which incorporates sophisticated Bayesian inferencing with Monte Carlo analysis in a highly scalable platform.  To further support customer decision making, TruNav can be used in tandem with other Lone Star tools such as StraTable℠ and OpCap℠ and coupled with tested processes and experienced personnel.

In today’s difficult fiscal challenges, many organizations are seeking high quality business case analysis (BCA) and business modeling and simulation that enable them to deliver improved capability and lower cost and risk.  That is what TruNav℠ provides. Additionally, corporate clients want to improve their strategic positioning driven by high quality analysis and tactically through Price-to-Win assessments on critical “must win” programs.